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New Equipment

Ready to get Serious?

Experience a new era of fitness at Olympia Health and Fitness Gym with our latest cutting-edge equipment additions. 

Elevate your leg day routine with the Standing Leg Curl Machine, engaging stabilizing muscles for unparalleled strength and balance. 

Sculpt your upper body to perfection using the Incline Chest Press, targeting different areas of your chest for a well-rounded physique. 

Discover versatility and style with our new set of ergonomic New Dumbbells, catering to all your strength and endurance needs. 

And for ultimate lower body transformation, the Hack Squat machine offers a guided and controlled squatting motion. 

Embark on a fitness journey like no other as you embrace these innovative tools, designed to enhance every aspect of your workout.

A1 Champion

goals are the ultimate challenge

On August 6th one of our members (Tarun Dhiman) Competed in the A1 classic 2023, winning 1st place in mens first timers and qualofying for the Britian. 

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